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Our Story

Hi, We are Susan and Heidi and want to invite you to Medford, MN to explore my store, Off Like A Kite!   Located in the Medford Outlet Center, you will find a comfortable, neatly organized store full of brand name clothing, accessories, home decor and accent furniture at a fraction of retail cost.

Previously, we owned a store in Forest Lake but moved to the Southern Minnesota area to be near family.  Susan will be the face of the store and Heidi will be a branding partner while also a busy mom to a 5 & 6 year old.

Our mom was a fashionista way before that was a hip term.  She loved to shop for herself, for the family, gifts for friends and all the special occasions.  With her creativity, she created our home to be a hangout place that was always open to friends, family and neighbors.  She was the epitome of a PTA, Blue Bird leader and always cheering for us! 

Our home was her canvas and she was constantly looking to upscale the houseboy wallpaper, change out paint, add new furniture (you get the idea!).  So, as we grew up, our love for fashion, home and a sense of community and family is where our heart was.... and still is.

Off Like A Kite is a place you can shop for upscale items.  Yet, you can also bring your brand name, gently used items to the store to sell.  We can't wait to see you and bring you into our family community!  Off Like a Kite - where fashionista, fun and frugality combine. 


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